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WomynWerx Art Studio, Long Beach, CA. Maria B. Croucier, Artist
WomynWerx Art Studio, Artist Maria B. Croucier
Maria Croucier


Maria B. Croucier, Artist, Long Beach, CA.

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I'm confident that you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Ceramicist and painter, is a Cuban-American artist living and working in Long Beach, California. Basically a self taught artist, she gives credit to some great teachers that have influenced her through the years from whom she has taken classes and workshops from. Mother nature constantly inspires her in one way or another and she finds that this wonderful mystery that lives in the mind and soul of the creative person is the driving force and inspiration behind her work.

Maria uses many different elements in her work. These natural  elements such as special stones ,nails, wood, feathers and other found objects tend to represent the soul spark, which contain the hardships of life and that universal mystery that drives us and makes us who we are. Her intent through the work is to bring a sense of universal wisdom and sacredness to the observer through a whimsical feminine perspective. Maria feels that her departure from her native land and separation from her roots at an early age has instilled in her a constant quest and exploration of that part within us that seeks a sense of serene melancholy and spiritual belonging.

To express on clay and on canvas the ideas and feelings that come to her heart is the greatest blessing of all. She is passionate about people, animals, birds, plants,  color, texture, movement, music and poetry; and she feels that her work reflects the world in her soul.

Her ceramic works and paintings are in many private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad and some have earned prestigious awards.

Maria's greatest desire is that the work would speak to you, the viewer, in a special and profound way.

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