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Handcrafted, original, one-of-a-kind works of art that motivate the sacred and whimsy in all of us... May they touch your soul.

WomynWerx Studio

Maria b. Croucier

Ceramicist, Painter and Sculptor...


    I love the process of creating with my hands. I am a potter, painter and sculptor. The functional pottery such as mugs, platters, bowls, teapots ,etc should bring to the user the beauty and aesthetics that the potter brought forth thru techniques assimilated. These works are of mid fire range and can be used on a daily basis and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

    I also love to create sculptures that are sometimes started on the potters wheel and usually finished with slabs or coils of clay. They are usually of low fire raku clay and are bisqued high and finished with either raku glazes fired in an electric kiln or treated as paintings and painted with acrylics or oils and finished with different mixed media that can portray not only depth of spirit, but a sense of whimsy. They are conceptual pieces that come from an intuitive place where magic is created. This creative process is an amazing thing, as many artists attest to. My word for it is magic. I often finish a piece and cant believe that I've made this beauty. Its a birthing of sorts.

    I have great respect for nature as mother and nurturer of us all. How everything around us in the natural world , if we stop and observe and or listen, can teach us so many things about that great universal truth and mystery that we search for. All the critters of this world have such great intuitive powers. I love to use this inter relationship between human and animal in my work. I do work that makes me happy and brings me great satisfaction. I know that there is someone out there that will love it and take it home.

    I also love to take commissions for pet portraits. These are so much better than photos and add fun and whimsy to your animal companions. I recently started learning and painting en plein air on location locally and from photos of places visited.

    So...I invite you to come and journey through my website. New works will be posted as soon as they are finished or check out my blog to see what is being created at Womyn Werx  Studio. May you find something that makes you smile and pulls at your heart strings.


    I've spent many years in the medical field as a respiratory therapist assisting the sick and dying and using my hands, mind and intuition to create a pathway to healing. Now through art I feel that I create a different type of healing....healing and touching those parts of us that only beauty and the magic of art can touch.

Welcome to the home of Womyn Werx studio

Maria's Digital Store

As an artist, Maria Croucier's passion is to share her love of art with her followers. Here in this Digital Store, you will have the opportunity to print all of her work on different types of mediums, from a beautiful print on canvas to an impression on your cell phone case or a gift of a coffee mug for a friend.

It's as simple as selecting the image and choosing the preferred medium.

Womyn Spirit Bowls

These decorative bowls are made of clay. They are one of a kind. Usually fired twice and finished with underglazes and or acrylic paints and finished with mixed media. They are fun and whimsical with a touch of sacredness. Enjoy

Womyn Sculptures

These sculptures are original and one of a kind decorative pieces which are made of clay. They are usually started  on the potters wheel and finished with slabs or coils and decorated with either underglazes, acrylics or oil paints. They are fun and whimsical with a touch sacredness.Enjoy

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